Partner Schools

"SPI enters into collaboration knowing that every teacher has highly individualized talents and that every context is entirely unique; what we bring to the partnership is an expertise in aligning classroom publication projects with a teacher's strengths and students' skills and interests."
Erick Gordon, Founding Director

At the heart of SPI is a strong belief that the most meaningful professional development comes not from the outside, but resides deeply in the practices of the classroom and the culture of the school. We put this philosophy into action through unique partnerships with public middle and high schools, working with schools in a variety of ways. We enter into classrooms to form full-year collaborations where we work closely with teachers to design curricula and teach writing, and we also consult on shorter projects to help teachers publish their students' writing. Regardless of the form our work takes, our specialized approach to professional development informs everything we do.

We believe that each school, each teacher, each project is unique—there is no one-size-fits-all model. Over the past seven years, SPI has partnered with over 30 school communities and 400 teachers grounding our work in the realities of the classroom. We listen to our teachers, get to know their students, and help co-plan curriculum that addresses the goals and objectives unique to the context. We have learned that curriculum designed as a collaborative conversation is deep and rich, benefitting from the perspectives and experiences that both the teacher and consultant bring to the table.

SPI partner school projects grow from a school's mission and philosophy and are deeply embedded in a teacher's curriculum for as long as an entire year, making an SPI project very much a part of the students' experience. Indeed, several of our long-term partners believe so strongly in the power of writing-for-publication that they define themselves as publication academies.

SPI projects span content areas and grade levels. We have collaborated on projects in the physical and earth sciences; math; social studies and foreign languages, to name a few. Our work has proven to us over and over again that meaningful writing can and should take place across the disciplines, and that students write more thoughtfully and intentionally when they know they are writing for an authentic audience beyond that of the classroom walls.

SPI's Partner Schools, Current and Former

  • Academy for Young Writers
  • Beacon High School
  • Banana Kelly High School
  • Bayard Rustin Educational Complex
    • Art and Music Academy
    • Institute for Mathematical and Biomedical Studies
    • Institute for Media and Writing
    • International School of Business
  • Brooklyn Community Arts & Media High School
  • Brooklyn Lab School
  • Brooklyn Preparatory High School
  • DeWitt Clinton High School
  • Excelsior Preparatory High School
  • Foundations Academy
  • Hempstead High School
  • Heritage High School
  • Hoboken/A.J. Demerest High School
  • Holcombe L Rucker School of Community Research
  • Horizon Academy at Rikers Island
  • Long Creek Detention Center, MA
  • Long Island City High School
  • Manhattan Business Academy
  • Millennium Art Academy
  • New York City Lab School for Collaborative Studies
  • Pablo Neruda Academy
  • Queens Preparatory High School
  • Rose M. Singer Center
  • University of Sarajevo, Bosnia