Coring the Apple: The Best of New York

Coring the Apple: The Best of New York


A Zagats-inspired guide to the "Best-Of" New York City, by eighth grade cultural critics.


The very first SPI publication, born out of the New York City Lab School, Coring the Apple is a creative Zagat-like rating of "Best-Of" New York City. Embodying the heart of the SPI philosophy-student as writer, student as expert-the expert writing of these 126 eighth graders ranges from The Best Place to be Watched by What You're Eating to The Best Park Bench to Quietly Finish Your Homework. Expect to be transported through as many places, moods and perspectives as there are authors.

Curriculum Embedded Project

Former 8th grade English teacher, and SPI founder, Erick Gordon tapped into the "best of review" genre to connect kids at the Brooklyn Lab School with topics that excited and inspired them. Spanning a few months, this project introduced students to persuasive writing, organizational skills, and ways to conduct and use research to support a position.


  • Author: Eighth Grade Students at NYC Lab School 2001-02
  • Price: 11.95
  • Year of Publication: 2008
  • Binding: Paperback
  • # of pgs.: 206


NEIGHBORHOOD REPORT: CHELSEA; The Best of New York: The Eighth-Grade Edition

Article from April 16, 2000, The New York Times