Arriving Where We Started: Lab Almanac

Arriving Where We Started: Lab Almanac


A seasonal survival guide for teenagers in urban environments, written by 8th grade students for students.


In this multi-genre text, the 8th graders at the NYC Laboratory School connect their daily lives with the scientific world, writing a seasonal "survival" guide for teenagers in urban environments. This month-by-month compilation includes tips on growing and cooking one's own produce, how to stay hydrated while playing sports, finding edible foods in the wild, homemade remedies, and chemical reactions in foods, among others.

Curriculum Embedded Project

8th grade Earth Science teacher, Suzanne Dwyer, asked her students to write the ultimate research paper -one that began as a question of genuine curiosity. Then, they researched their topics extensively and tested their ideas, knowing that their findings would be published in a book for all the world to see.


  • Author: Eighth Grade Students at NYC Lab School 2007-08
  • Price: 15.95
  • Year of Publication: 2008
  • Binding: Paperback
  • # of pgs.: 249


"This clever and eclectic book illustrates the power of using writing to connect scientific concepts to students' worlds. Teachers, students, and all of us who work to make science relevant, fun, and inspiring will learn from what these young authors have created"

Jennie Brotman, Middle School Teacher and Ph.D. Candidate, Science Education