Smoke Signals: Oral Histories From Long Creek

Smoke Signals: Oral Histories From Long Creek


A compelling collection of oral histories of residents at the Long Creek Youth Detention Center in South Portland, Maine.


Meet the residents of Long Creek, South Portland, Maine's youth detention center. This dynamic group of writers represent the youth of troubled, absent, nontraditional families, and of loving and unfailingly supportive families. Some of these students fell into drugs, are survivors of childhood or unaware of certain cultural mores. All of them are children you'd never expect to end up behind bars. Each story is a hard-won and compelling reflection on the ripple effect of the choices we make.

Curriculum Embedded Project

In the tradition of our Horizon Academy, Rikers Island series, the Student Press Initiative partners with the residents of Long Creek Youth Development Center in South Portland, Maine to create Smoke Signals - a collection of stories developed using the methodology of Oral History practices.


  • Author: Long Creek Youth Development Center Students 2006-07
  • Price: 11.95
  • Year of Publication: 2007
  • Binding: Paperback
  • # of pgs.: 71


"Sharing their stories is an important part of the process of healing and growth for these young men and women and our reading and discussion of Smoke Signals can give us the necessary compassion to begin to assist in that transformative process."

Michael Houlihan, Founder and Director, Portage House and Four-term President of the Wisconsin Halfway House Federation