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Turning the (Periodic) Table: Chemistry Regents Review Raps

Turning the (Periodic) Table: Chemistry Regents Review Raps


Test prep takes on new meaning in this collection of rap songs (with CD) created by 10th grade students preparing for the Chemistry Regents exams.


By using rap as a tool in the classroom, Turning the (Periodic) Table enables students and teachers to re-imagine what it means to "prep" for standardized exams. Students were invited to grapple with chemistry content in new ways, setting a literal stage for a diversity of experiences and learning styles. Students will love studying from this informative, by kids, for kids Chemistry Regents review. Accompanying CD included.

Curriculum Embedded Project

In order to prepare for the New York State Physical Setting/Chemistry Regents Exam, 11th grade students at the NYC Lab School created raps in response to "guiding questions" that they created after a close study of the exam itself. Born from the classroom teachers' shared belief that rhythm and rhyme can be effective strategies for learning, this project tapped into the students' familiarity with music and encouraged them to explore alternative methods of "test prep."


  • Author: NYC Lab School Students 2007-08
  • Price: 15.95
  • Year of Publication: 2008
  • Binding: Paperback
  • # of pgs.: 132


"Unfortunately, Regents-based courses often become overridden with test prep and, as a result, many learning styles are overlooked. This project brought out many of those students who perhaps feel as if they can't participate because the material is too overwhelming... One of the most valuable aspects of this project is that our students learned how to re-claim their own learning, and they also learned how to learn. Seeing students work together to accomplish their goals was truly remarkable."

Christine Calabro & Katie Jungers, Teachers, NYC Lab School