Curriculum Resources

How can you get started?

When you teach writing for publication in your classroom, you are also contributing to the creation of a skilled student writer who is familiar with all the stages of the writing process. How can you get started? The following free downloadable lesson plans and handouts have been created by SPI curriculum consultants and teachers in our partner schools. We invite you to use them in your classrooms.

SPI Downloadable Lesson Plans & Handouts

  • Planning and Curriculum Mapping

    The first stage in designing any curriculum is the planning phase. The handouts provided here offer ways in which you might map your own writing-for-publication curriculum.

    1. Planning Your Project: Laying the Groundwork - Written by our Director of Programs, this document suggests some critical questions to ask yourself as you begin planning your writing-for-publication curriculum. This is the next best thing to having an SPI curriculum consultant at your side!
    2. SPI Project Web Template - Created for planning workshops with our partner schools, this template illustrates some of the many objectives that go into planning SPI project curricula. This is designed to get you thinking about what your own project objectives are, which will better prepare you to begin your planning.
    3. SPI Project Web Model - This document illustrates the SPI Project Web template in use. It shows how one teacher began to identify and think through her objectives as she began to plan her SPI project.
  • Writing and Revising

    At the heart of every SPI project is support in developing the fundamental skills of the writing process. Help your students take their writing to the next level with the provided handouts.

    1. Lesson Plan: Habits of Strong Writers - This lesson is a great way to begin any writing project. It helps students to identify what strong writers do so that they can begin to develop those habits for themselves.
    2. Reproducible Handout: Energizing Our Action Verbs - This handout works well when addressing with students craft and voice in their writing. Students should at least one solid draft of writing to work with.