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Our partnerships with teachers and schools are shaped by three guiding principles:

Purposeful Writing

Writers need readers. This belief shapes SPI's approach to teaching and learning. Whether the audience is a class of incoming freshman, NYC tourists or first year teachers-in-training, SPI works to connect young writers with actual readers. In the SPI model, classrooms become publishing houses in which teachers and students collectively shape an editorial vision. Writers work to understand the expectations of their audience, as they craft pieces with actual readers in mind.

SPI works to meet students where they are, building from prior knowledge while developing in every student a position of unique expertise. Our projects take the form of student-authored curriculum guides, advice columns, oral history research and other lively genres.

Community Connection

Writing for the world means knowing and understanding the people in it. SPI fosters real relationships and community connections by linking students with professionals, activists, and local leaders who can educate and inspire our young writers in dynamic and memorable ways.

Imagine linking your classroom to the wider school and local community. What could your students learn? What could the community learn? SPI knows the classroom is not an island and to this end, we help you break down the walls so your students can develop relationships with a world they might otherwise ignore. They might interview local activists for a profile book. They may listen to a panel of published writers who have their own stories of struggle. Or your newly-published authors might read from their book to a room of local leaders.

Genre Studies

SPI projects offer yearlong literacy-based curricula created around shared, in-depth genre studies. All students become experts in a project's central genre: they read mentor texts, break the genre down into its components and, ultimately, craft pieces in that genre that represent their learning and culminate in a final publication.

SPI is unique in our approach to inquiry-driven, genre-specific, project based work. Over the years, our experience has made us an expert in genres, including memoir, profile, and oral history. We have collaborated with countless teachers to design projects around these genres, and have helped hundreds of students publish their writing. We believe that a project designed around an in-depth genre study invites students into a shared experience, and allows teachers to craft thoughtful curriculum that addresses skills and content specific to the chosen genre.

  • Curriculum Resources

    Curriculum Resources

    Design your own writing for publication curriculum in your classroom with our library of free downloadable lesson plans and handouts.

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  • Summer Institute

    Summer Institute

    Sign up for SPI's summer institutes designed to provide you with the everything you need--training, resources, and scaffolding—to help you create your own classroom publishing program which emphasizes genre studies, community connections, and purposeful writing.

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  • Publishing Tools

    Publishing Tools

    Publishing a book in your classroom can be as easy as 1, 2, 3. Learn more about our hands -on publishing tools that can make it possible for teachers everywhere to publish on a bake-sale budget.

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