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Classroom publishing — that is, the process of helping all student writers connect with readers — is important work in any form. From corner-stapled pages of student work to use as a classroom text, to writing and submitting letters to the editor, there are countless ways to help students go public with writing.

Have you ever wished you could turn one of your students' writing projects into a professional looking bound volume at the press of a button? After spending half a decade helping schools and classrooms become publishing houses—over 100 publications— SPI is putting our expertise to work by developing the hands-on tools to make it possible for teachers everywhere to publish on a bake-sale budget.

Coming soon to a computer near you: A live interface, modern and eye-catching design templates, and web-based publishing tools that will allow your student writers to become published authors! With your students' manuscripts in hand, our library of curriculum resources, and our publishing tools to support you along the way, publishing a book can be as easy as 1, 2, 3.

SPI's approach of focused genre study is merely one method that we have found provides adequate scaffolding to support young writers taking the risk of being read. An important part of our mission is to promote a variety of classroom projects, and with that in mind, we plan to offer a range of web-based production services to help begin this exciting process.

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