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The programs of the Student Press Initiative have been featured in various news outlets, including print, online, and radio. Some highlights are featured below. To receive regular updates about SPI news, please sign up for our newsletter.

  • Voices-of-muslim-youth

    Voices of Muslim Youth

    Students reflect upon the experience of collecting oral histories of Muslim youth.

    Introduced to the methods of oral history by a team of collaborating teachers, a dozen Muslim teenagers set out to document the real-life experiences and feelings of their Muslim peers in New York City high schools. The result is a compelling collection of twenty-three oral histories, This Is Where I Need To Be. In this video, student oral historians reflect upon the experience of collecting these stories.

  • Going-public-the-spi-story

    Going Public: The SPI Story

    SPI students and educators capture the spirit of the Program.

    Get a glimpse of SPI's origins and teaching philosophy through the eyes of its founder, curriculum consultants, teaching artists, and school partners. In this video, SPI partners and staff capture the spirit and vision of SPI.

  • Speak-to-us-of-work

    Speak to Us of Work

    A look at an intergenerational oral history project at Millennium Art Academy in the Bronx.

    Students at Millennium Art Academy in the Bronx interviewed seniors and recorded their oral histories in the book Speak to Us of Work. In this brief narrated slideshow takes a look at an intergenerational project which brought youth and seniors together in an unforgettable way.

  • Rikers-island-oral-histories-come-to-life

    Rikers Island Oral histories Come to Life

    Three young men, students at the horizon Academy at Rikers Island, read excerpts from their stories.

    Students at the horizon Academy at Rikers Island read excerpts and and share reflections on the transformative power of telling their own stories through SPI's Rikers Island Oral history project.Their stories were published in Killing the Sky II and Enchando humo: Para Siempre.

  • Writers-unblocked

    Writers Unblocked

    A look at SPI's profile-writing project at the Academy for Young Writers in Brooklyn, NY

    Deeply inspired by and connected to the school's philosophy, this first class of 9th graders at the Academy for Young Writers (AfYW) had the unique opportunity to profile real writers in the world around them. Through interviews with students, teacher partners, and visiting authors, as well as project glimpses, this film offers a bird's eye view of how writing processes and lessons were developed at AfYW and resulted in the publication of a book of profiles, Writers Unblocked.